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An electric motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy that drives the outgoing shaft.Depending on the function of the motor,this shaft can drive pumps,gears,gearboxes,steering racks There are many types of motors in industrial machines,but the most important ones are pump motors,that drive the hydraulic pump (mainly used for lifting and power steering) and traction Electric Motor Parts Accessories for sale Aug 05,2021 Electric Motor Parts Accessories for sale 184T Frame Electric Motor Base Mount Adjustable Slide Plate Universal MountingDayton 7Af20 Downblast Vent,Belt Drive,24-1/2 InKeyshaft 1 1/4 Gks-1045-48 Keyed Shaft,1-1/4 Dia.,48 L,Carbon SteelKeyshaft 1/2 Gks-1045-12 Keyed Shaft,Dia.1/2 In,12 In L,CsSee a full list on ebay7 Parts Of Simple Electric Motor And Function -Estimated Reading Time 7 minsPublished May 21,2017 Stator / Armature Coil.The stator includes the main components of the electric motor.BecauseRotor Coil.As well as the stator coil,the more the number of turns on the rotor the greater theMain Shaft.The main shaft is a metal component that extends as a place to attach someBrush.Brush is a steel brush that will connect a lithric current source with a coil rotor.This brushBearing.Because this tool produces rotation,it is necessary a special component that will be usedPulley Drive.This component is located at the outer end of the main shaft.Its function is to transferMotor Housing.Outside of the electric motor we will see an iron plate that is used to protect allHome - Electric Motor PartsElectric Motor Parts EMP services industries worldwide for electric motor renewal replacement parts for industries like aluminum,large crane motors,power generation,public utilities steel industries for electric motor replacement parts.We believe in

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