Perforated Metal Mesh Punching Metal Sheet Laser Cut Metal Screens

Decorative Perforated Metal Mesh,Metal Sheet Mesh

Decorative Perforated Metal Mesh is a useful material,made by punching thousands of small holes in a metal plate.The features can be modified according to the material used,the size of the holes,the distance between the holes,and the thickness of the material.The perforated net appears in the form of a panel for easy installation.Estimated Reading Time 1 minCustom Perforated Metal Panels Perforated Metal ProductsOur Metal Perforating CapabilitiesPerf PatternsOur Process CapabilitiesAll-Across,Full-Width Perforating Round,square,slotted,ellipse,hexagon and a variety of decorative patternsPerforation sizes from 0.020 up to 6 in diameterPunch,laserand plasma capabilitiesWide range of material options; we perforate steel,steel,plastic,aluminum and stainless steelImages of Perforated Metal Mesh Punching Metal Sheet Lase perforatedmetal-meshPerforated Metal Mesh Punching Metal Sheet Laser Cut Metal Screensperforatedmetal-meshPerforated Metal Mesh Punching Metal Sheet Laser Cut Metal Screensperforatedmetal-meshRound Hole Perforated Metal Sheet Punching Mesh Stainless Steelperforatedmetal-meshBuilding Cladding Perforated Metal Sheet Architectural Grilles 500*2000mm Light Weight imagesDecorative Perforated Sheet Metal - Hightop Metal MeshDecorative perforated sheet metal,as its name implies,is punched or perforated into a series of regular holes or patterns on a metal sheet by a punching machine.The material can be galvanized sheet,aluminum sheets and panels,stainless steel sheet plate,steel and brass sheet,etc.The round hole is the most common and economical pattern.

Laser Cutting Perforated Metal Panels for Personalized

Laser cutting perforated metal panel is such a dramatic type of decorative metal material for architectural decor.We adopt a high power density laser beam to irradiate the materials.As the laser beam moves over the sheet,the hole continuously forms a slit having a narrow width (e.g.,about 0.1 mm) to complete the cutting of the material.

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