600mm Diameter Razor Concertina with 25 Kg Per Roll

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We offer razor wire barbed tape fencing coils,cross type concertina,straight line,and flat wrap coils.BTO-12,BTO 22,BTO 30,BTO 28,CBT-60,CBT65 types.BTO -22 galvanised security wire for anti ,page1.Galvanized Concertina Wire and razor barbed wire sizeDiameter 500 mm for roll.Packing water proof paper and wooden bag.Wire mild steel concertina razor wire Length 400 m for roll.Weight 25 kg for roll.Packing water proof paper and wooden bag.Galvanized concertina razor wire Wire type wire #12.Wire Low carbon steel 5.5mm pre galvanize SAE1008.Standard Commercial galvanized g/m 2 40

High Tensile 10Kg Barbed Wire Farm Fence Razor Wire Roll

High Tensile 10 Kg Galvanized Barbed Wire Farm Fence Roll Price .Galvanized Barbed Wire D escription .Galvanized barbed wire is used in defending of farm land,sport ground,or used together with concertina razor wire.Normally it's settled above the fence,for example chain link fence and welded fence,avoiding climbing across.Images of 600mm Diameter Razor Concertina With 25 Kg Pe barbedwiresupplierGalvanized Concertina Razor Wire Technique SpecificationsindiamartSingle Razor Silver Concertina RBT Wires,For Fencing,Size 450 Mm,600 Mm,Rs 68 /kilogram ID chinabestwiremesh450mm,600mm,900mm,960mm,980mm Coil Diameter Fencing Concertina Wire RollindiamartSingle Razor Silver Concertina RBT Wires,For Fencing,Size 450 Mm,600 Mm,Rs 68 /kilogram ID imagesConcertina Wire Razor Wire Blade Razor Wire Fencing Straight Razor Wire Razor Wire Machine Spiral Razor FenceConcertina Razor Wire Cross Single TypeHot dipped razor barbed wire BTO-12 concertina and flat type 450 mm,600 mm,900 mm,10 kg/roll.Razor barbed wire fencing concertina,300 mm diameter 1000 m length.Concertina barbed wire 450 mm and 700 mm coil diameter.Concertina razor tape,BTO-22,galvanized,wire diameter 2.5 mm,blade 0.5 mm thick,each coil diameter 450 mm,each coil

concertina wire

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